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Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL  (103) - Posted on 26th Aug 2014 as " Last  hope and support 231-221 trade and stays below that  ready for big down move. ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 114-109 After this post, on 16th September 2014 it broken and closed below the mentioned support 231-221 (that day closed at 218.30),from there, it is coming down  and on 29th May 2015 it attacked the mentioned down target of 114-109 (that day it made low 109) and last in 9 days it is trading below 114-109 *** Now what is in ?  RESISTANCE 110--130 Below 110--130 it leads to further fall only .  As long as hold below that  next  ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 42--38

Tata Coffee

TATACOFFEE  (86.40) - Hope and support 85--88 But below that  downside target and bottom out  66---57

Amara Raja Batteries

AMARAJABAT (902) -  Above 910, face last resist at 942-952 But above that  Upside target 1110-1130