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R. S. Software (India)

RSSOFTWARE  (667) - Hope and Support 650--625 But trade and stays below that  downside target  450-425 ** If hold the support,  then the upside target 750-780 

SKS Microfinance

SKSMICRO (312) - Support 310-303 Above that upside target 336--343

TVS Motor Company

TVSMOTOR  (245) - Posted on 30th  Sept. as " Support 226--216 Above that upside target 280--290 with in between resist at 242-246" After this post, it came down and took support at 217.50 on 08th Oct. and yesterday it attacked the in between target of 242-246 (yesterday it made high 246.95) so now above 242-246  mentioned upside target of 280--290 is due 

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK   (223) -   See the post dated 18th Aug. as posted repeatedly took support at the mentioned 187-177 level almost four times in the last two months (made lowest low 182.40 on 25th Sept.) and repeatedly resisted at the mentioned resist of 224-231 almost three times including yesterday high of 225.70   what next ?  Resist 224-228 But trade and stays above that  upside target 258--268 with in between resist at 238-242 ** if unable to cross the resist 224-228  then the immediate downside support exists at 210-205


WIPRO   (556) Posted on 08th Sept as " Resistance 582-592 above that face last resist at 610-620" After this post, it went up and resisted at 621.90 on 07th Oct., from there, fall started and as on yesterday it made low 553.40. now what is in ? Support 545--530