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NIFTY (7975)  - Posted on 23rd Aug as " Optimum Upside Target  8100-8300 and  expecting time being top out at this level." So as such top out confirmed,  It made high 8180  on 08th Sept. and till now low 7925 down side target and time being support 7858-7808

Rural Electrification Corporation

RECLTD   (262) - Posted on 14th July as " hope and support 314-309 but below that down side target 255-250" After this post it broken the support on 25th July and came down to 257 on 26th Aug. and after a pull back, yesterday once again, it made low 259.55 ** now, already mentioned support of 255-250 remain same  But in case trade and stays below that  next down side target 224--214

Reliance Communications

RCOM   (102.50) -   LAST   HOPE AND SUPPORT  102--98 But trade and stays below that  down side target 73--69

JK Tyre & Industries

JKTYRE   (413) - Below is the tweet embed dated 09th Sept. JK Tyre & Industries MENTIONED TARGET 370-385 / YESTERDAY HIGH 375/ trade above 385 target extend to 420 also — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) September 9, 2014 As on yesterday it made high 417 Now it seems going to top out 420-435

ABB India

ABB  (1223) - Posted on 06th July (when it was trading at 1124) said as "   Support 1045--945,  Above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1640--1800 ** After this post, it came down and made lowest low 970 on 27th Aug. and yesterday it made recent new high 1243 so now mentioned upside target 1640--1800 is remain same and intact. now in between resist exists at 1364-1384