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NF (5686) - Trading  Range Upside 5743-5763 Downside 5654-5634 Above or below only next big move either up or down, other wise this is the range.

The Karnataka Bank

KTKBANK (119) - Hereafter down side support exists at 112-107 If it hold above this then the short term upside target 142-146,  160-164 and Ultimate  194-204

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (391) - As posted  on 26th Sep. last Friday it attacked the mentioned strong hurdle level of 385-395 (exactly made high 395) and as mentioned in the same post in case if it trade and stays above this hurdle then ready for short term  big up move.  If the condition met then The short term upside target  is  574___604