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ARVIND  (114) - Posted on 07th Oct. when it was trading at 89 "Support 88-86 above that upside target 111" as posted , on the posted date low 89 and  on 05th Nov. it attacked the mentioned upside target of 111  and last Friday it surpassed and made high 114.90" now what is in ?  Now in case if it trade and stays above 111  (Another one  or two more positive close)  then it is ready for another big up move  Ultimate upside target  160-165 in between resist at 140-145

Aurobindo Pharma - POSITIONAL

AUROPHARMA (260) - Posted on 30th Sep. "Breakout 205-210 for this upside target 275-285" as posted it broken out  on 03rd Oct. but hovering around 205--220 in the whole month of Oct. but this month with in 5 trading session it moved up and last Friday it made high 264.90  So now mentioned target of 275-285 is due. and it is also top out, But in case trade and stays above that   (two to three days positive close ) then the Positional upside target  470-480