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JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL   (922) - Posted on 16th March as " mentioned down side target of 890--860  and below that down move continue to  805-785" After this post, it came down and took support exactly at the mentioned level of 805-785 (made lowest low 800 on 28th July),from there, it is moving up and as on last Friday it made high 930. ** Now what next ?  Resistance 935--960 But above that  up move continue to 1057--1087

Bajaj Auto

BAJAJAUTO  (2537) -   Resistance 2650-2700 But above that  Upside Target  3240-3300 & 3450-3500 Support 2460-2410 But below that  Down side Target 2250-2200

Astec LifeSciences

ASTEC  (266) - Posted on 02nd June as " Support 173---160 Above that upside target 214--224"  After this post, it made lowest low and took support at 172.10 on 29th June, from there, it attacked the target of 214-224 on 16th July itself, not only that, it zoomed not stop up to 303.85 on 21st July, after a correction now trading at 266.   ** Now what next ?  Support 260-255 and 240-235 Above that  Upside target 300-310 and above that 365-375 But below the mentioned support  downside target 200-195

Aarti Industries

AARTIIND  (426) - Support 426-418 Above that  Upside Target  468-474