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NF (4754) - Yesterday also once again resist the mentioned resistance level (made high 4792) so all levels are remain same :   Resistance 4780-4810 and above that 4840-4860   But trade and stays above can move up to 4930-4950 or optimum 5004-5024. (in this area we have multiple resistance so we should give respect all the levels, no other way) Down side support remain same 4706-4686   and below that 4622-4592  

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (490) - The following is post of 02nd Jan " Last friday it came down to 417 so now this is the target and support" As posted even on 02nd jan also it made low  417  and yesterday it made high  497. what next ? now face hurdle 505-510 and beyond also next hurdle 525-530

Bharat Petroleum Corporation

BPCL (460) - As posted yesterday it should break 475 whereas it was not happened and closed at 460 so now it is crucial for the next move. If trade and stays below 460 down target 412-402 Otherwise yesterday mentioned upside target intact.