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CIPLA  (578) - Support 575--555 But below that down side target 516--496

Power Finance Corporation

PFC  (249) - Posted on 09th July as " Hope and support 295--285 But below that down side target  241--226" After this post, it broken the support on 11th July and attacked the mentioned downside target on 24th Sept. (made low 219 ) and from there, it is moving up , as on 14th Oct. made high 252. Now what is in ?  Immediate support 246-240 above that upside target  272--278

Rural Electrification Corporation

RECLTD  (259) -   See the post dated 18th Sept. (after this post it made low 233 and last close was 259) Now what is in ?  Immediate support 256-251 above that upside target 277-282 ** But trade and stays below 256-251 already mentioned down side target of 224-214 remain same and intact.

Tata Communications

TATACOMM  (384) - Posted on 11th Aug. as " Hope and support 345-335"  After this post, it made low and exactly supported at 336.10 on 11th Aug itself , from there it made top 399.55 on 11th Sept. and fell down , once again took support at 344.65 on 26th Sept. and as on 14th Oct. made high 386.90.  now what is in ?  resist 385-390 But trade and stays above that  next upside target 405-415

Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS  (488) - Posted on 18th Aug. as " above 484-494 , Last hurdle 506--519 and above that next target 546-556"  After this post, on the posted date, low was 488 and attacked the mentioned upside target of 546-556 on 22nd Sept. (made high 542.50), not only that, from there fall started and as on 13th Oct. it came down to 480 and last close was 488. what next ?  Now immediate resist exists at 490-500 below that downside target  440-430 with in between support at 460-455