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Q & A

Today received an email with a question from one of my member regarding  SUPREMEINF and my answer mail to him.  (He himself a very good technical analyst but till now I am unable to understand "what attracts him to join with me as a paid member and renewed his membership once again")  Question:  Sir Has This Stock Bottomed Out? Good Volume Action In This Week. Looks A Good Buy Abv 97.   Answer: After made high 446 in June 2014, next 2 years it was in a downtrend to fall up to 85%   and now last one and half years doing consolidation/ congestion after making a bottom of 65. it is in consolidation mode, don't know how many more months it will do like this. price and volume say, now accumulation is going on in the last 1 year. as such,  support between 80--70  and  resistance between 110--120  so strength above 125 and weakness below 65  trade above 125-130 next 180--190 trade below 65-60 next 40--35 or even 23--18.