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Rallis India

RALLIES (172) - Going to top out 180--190 But trade and stays above that then ready for mega up move  for this upside target 260--270


SIEMENS (610) - See the post dated 05th Aug . "Said in that post, when it was trading at 450 " now the mentioned down side target of 420-410, striking distance only " after this post it came down to 420-410 level ,in the rest of whole month of Aug.2013 (made lowest low 414 on 28th Aug) and repeatedly took support at the mentioned level of 420-410 (not one day but totally 5 days ,on 19,28 & 30th Aug. and 3 & 4th Sept.)  S o from the posted resistance of 628 to 414 one full round completed and from their once again upward journey started and as on yesterday it made high 617. **** now what next ?  once again resistance remain same at  620-640 But trade and stays above that ready for big up move  Ultimate upside target 830--850  **** Click the below chart to get the zoom view to know the mentioned support 

Sobha Developers

SOBHA (337) - Now Resistance 335-345 But trade and stays above that upside target  395-405

United Breweries

UBL ((777) -   United Breweries / as posted exactly it came down to 720 on 22nd Nov. & took support, as on yesterday made high 784 — MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) November 27, 2013