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Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS  (250) - Last hope and support 245-235 But trade and stays below that  ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 145-140 with in between support at 168-164

CEAT Limited

CEATLTD  (820) Posted on 09th Sept. and said as " Support 730-700 above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 970-1000" After this post , from 25th sept to 30th sept. repeatedly took support at the mentioned level of 730-700 (made lowest low 724 on 25th sept.) and as on yesterday it made high 864 so now mentioned target of 970-1000  is remain same and intact.

Cairn India

CAIRN  (274) - Posted on 21st April and said as " target and  resistance 397-407 But above that ready for mega up side target. " whereas after this post , it went up to 386 on 10th June, from there fall started as on yesterday it made recent new low 272. Now what next ?  Below 275--295 weak only and Last hope and support 250--230 But trade and stays below that ULTIMATE DOWN SIDE TARGET 100--90