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ICICBANK  (1530) - Posted on 28th July as " Double topped at 1500-1520 so below that down side target 1430--1390"  As posted it came down to the mentioned down target and took support at 1411.80 on 11th Aug. not only that from there it moved up and yesterday it broken the double top also. Now what next ? Trade and stays above 1530-1500 ready for big up move ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 2640-2680 with in between resist at 1900-1940

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

GLENMARK (730) - Posted on 28th July " now support 622-612 Above that upside target 715-735" Yesterday mentioned upside target attacked,  when it made high 732.75. Now what next ?  Hurdle 730-750 But trade and stays above that  ready for very big upside target  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 1340-1360

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation

DHFL  (343) - Posted on 05th June and said "  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  585-605 with in between resist at   416-426  &  465-475" After this post, it made high 426 on 08th July (EXACTLY MENTIONED IN BETWEEN RESIST 416-426), from there it corrected up to 323 on 13th Aug. and now it seems correction over so now above 340-360  next upside target 416-426 & 465-475  and afterwards UUT 585-605

Colgate Palmolive (India)

COLPAL (1450) - It seems bottomed out  so now trade above 1452-1472 upside target 1580-1600

CEAT Limited

CEATLTD   (522) - Posted on 09th July "below 630-600 down side target and support 530-490"  After this post it attacked the down side target not one time but two times  (last lowest low 485 on 14th Aug.) As such bottom formed at 520-490 level  and now above that upside target 600-630

Bank of Baroda

BANKBARODA   (886) -Down side support 860-850 and  face last hurdle 920-930 But above that upside target 1050-1070