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Timken India

TIMKEN  (393) - Posted on 18th June as "  Hurdle 255--275 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 400-420" and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 400-420 , when it made high 410.65 and below is the stock performance in the chart form (on 18th Aug itself posted this chart but now it is the completed one) (click the below chart to get the zoom view)

UPL Limited

UPL  (327) - Posted on 11th Aug. as " Support 302-297  Above that Upside resistance 333-338" As posted .exactly took support at 297 on 11th Aug. itself, from there , it is moving up and as on yesterday it made high 328.70. and as said in the same post,  now target and resistance 333-338 But above that next resist at 356-361

Yes Bank

YESBANK (579) -   Posted on Day before yesterday (18th Aug.) as " Support 540-534 above that upside target 580-600" After this post, (on 18th Aug) Day before yesterday,  it made low 537.25 and yesterday it made high 581.75.  Now what next ?  Just repeating the post, dated 03rd July  Target and resistance 580--600 but above that next in upside 667-677   &  705--725 and above that  (as posted already on 19th May) ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  860--890

Igarashi Motors India

IGARASHI  (226) -  Hurdle 235-250 But trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 460--475