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Kalpataru Power Transmission

KALPATPOWR  (186) -   Reminded on 18th Nov and now once again remind the same :. Resistance 182--192 but above that upside target 245---268 and trade above that ready for big up move if happen, will post the next upside target.

JBF Industries

JBFIND  (273) - Posted on 07th Aug., when it was trading at 148,  as " Strong Hurdle 150-160 But trade and stays above that ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  225--245" Last Friday, it made high 275.70 and closed at 273.50 As posted, last Friday, not only it attacked the mentioned upside target but closed above that also. *** what next ?  Now Support 245--215 Above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 390--410


ITC  (391) - Already posted on 15th May " in case trade and stays above 385  then 385-375 become support  and ready for next big up move for this next upside target  470-480 with in between resist at 432-442" ** Almost after 6 months , now only it broken the mentioned level of 385-375  so now mentioned targets are remain same and intact.

Hindalco Industries

HINIDALCO  (163) -  Now Support 161-158  But trade and stays below that down side target 144-141


. FDC  (153) - Ready to move up.. Down side support 144-141 Upside resistance 166-172 But above that upside target 200-205

Ess Dee Aluminium

ESSDEE  (390) -  Support 390-385 and in upside face last resist at 407-413 But above that  Upside target 470--485