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Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (568) -   Posted on 14th July "Weak below 505-515" whereas on the posted date , it came down to 492 and on the same day itself it came up  517. So that day itself weakness became support., so upward movement started and as on yesterday it made high 571. Now what next ?  Resistance  579-589 But trade and stays above that  next upside target 635-----665 and above that 730--750

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS (2595) -  Posted on 09th April and said support 2015-1985 . as posted it took support exactly at the mentioned support level (made low 2000 on 19th May) , for this support,gave upper target 2275-2300 it attacked on 24th June and again gave next upper target 2385-2435 , that target also attacked on 30th June and gave next upside target 2675-2775. as on yesterday it made high 2602.   So now mentioned up side target of 2675--2775 remain same minor resist at 2615-2620

Tech Mahindra

TECHM (2178) - Posted on 03rd June and said "Above 1930-1960 upside target 2190-2210"  As posted it traded above 1930-1960 on 09th June and yesterday it attacked the target of 2190-2210 (made high 2192.50). *** Now what next ?  Target and Resistance 2190-2210 remain same. But above that up move continue to 2293-2333