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Tata Communications

TATACOMM (229) - Posted on 23rd Sep " Support 183-178 , Above that upside target 223-228" as posted it repeatedly took support at the mentoned level, from there it moved up and  last Tuesday it complete the mentioned upside target even it made high 236 and closed at 229 now what next ?  Resistance 235-240  But trade and stays above that upside target 265--275


WIPRO (510.60) - Posted on 14th Aug. about its mega up side movement and at last last Tuesday it closed above the mentioned hurdle.  Now mentioned hurdle of  490-510 becomes support  and mentioned targets are remain same and intact.  Note : then and there corrections come and go, it is part of the trade only 

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (254) - Posted on 11th Sep. "Support 236-232 above that upside target 270-274 " as posted it repeatedly took support at 236-232 level and from there it moved up and attacked the mentioned target on 10 & 11th Oct (made high 272.95) , not only that from there correction started  and up to last Tuesday it made low 251.  what next ?  so now Already mentioned support of 236-232 is the target and support 

HCL Technologies

HCLTECH (1161) - today Q2 result Resistance 1180-1210 but above that already mentioned upside target of 1440-1460 remain same.  (this Positional target posted on 08th March 2013)

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (788) - Already posted on 7th Oct. About its ultimate upside target of 880-910 it remain same. now what is in  in between ?  Immediate support 786-781 and once cross 802-806  then last  resist at 820  above that next in upside 844-854