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I completly withdraw the 14 Feb.09 positional including NIFTY. When the market is in the single orbit (ie. 2500 to 3250) for the past 18 weeks and moved and trade in between all these 18 weeks, big positional thinking should be avoid ( i got the some reversal signal on second week of feb.09 but it reversed in third week of feb.09 itself). so back to squre one, let the market clear the above mentioned orbit, then think about the next move. Last week most the countries were in new low or near to the new low. ie. one country sentiment dragging the other countries and this process may go on some more time before it delink. In the meantime, GOLD may going to bubble (target $1800 to $2400 it is possible if it trade above $1200) with in 12 to 18 months period and after that bust like CURDE OIL (The same kind of people who manipulated the CRUDE OIL are now trying to play in the GOLD beacuse they don't have any other market to play. For this they may plant stories like curuncies are weak