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Himatsingka Seide

HIMATSEIDE (182) - Now Support 175--165 Above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  310--330

Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE  (290) -  Resistance 295-300 But above that  Upside Target  335--345 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 425-435

Deep Industries

DEEPIND (140) - Posted on 18th July and mentioned target of 140 met yesterday (yesterday upper locked  at 140)  so from the posted support of 95 to mentioned target  140 that to within 13 trading session.. it attacked.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THAT POST. Now what next ?  Resistance 140--150 But above that  next upside target 240--260 in case trade and stays above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 470--490 . 

Cosmo Films

COSMOFILMS  (174) - Regarding this stock, last post was on 03rd Nov.2010 and said as " Last hurdle 184_188  " after this post, on the posted date it made high 186.75 , since then, it never broken that high  till date, that means , almost 5 years...From there it fell down up to 44 in Sept. 2013. and now trading at 174. Now what next ?  Hurdle 174--194 But above that  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET  320--340 *** Note : Q1 result on 13th Aug. 

Century Enka

CENTENKA  (223) -  Now Support  215-200  above that upside target 311--331 But above that ready for another big up move  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 565--585

CEAT Limited

CEATLTD  (1000) - Posted on 23rd July as " now Support 775-755 above that  Upside Target 885-905"  After this post, it came down and took support at 771.20 on 27th July and attacked the mentioned upside target on 29th July itself and it broke the mentioned target of 885-905 on 31st July , from there, yesterday it made high 1006. *** Now what next ?  Resist 1010--1060 But above that  next upside target  1425--1495 with in between resist at 1230-1250