Promise. Delivered. and of course, this is third time in a row

The below said promise was given to our 2014 MTL & DTL subscribers (Which, the subscription, was already closed on 31st Dec. 2013 itself):

“Apart from the MTL & DTL subscription service, For the year 2014, we are going to give few positional calls and few F&O Option strategy exclusively for 2014 subscribers (this is because repeated request from our existing subscribers and mailers) and hope, one call itself, with investment of 5 digit figures, can fetch more than the fee paid by 2014 subscribers. So other things are extra for the whole year 2014.”

As promised, After  Bharatforge  and TATA SPONGE  CALLS , our third positional call sent to our subscribers on 23rd Mar. 2014 and the following is the details:

Buy  - 505-495
Upside Target 558-568


After sending this mail, it came down and made lowest low 491.45 on 27th Mar. 
Today it attacked the mentioned upside target, when it made high 574.80 not only that, from there, it fell down and closed at 548 also. 

so from 495 to 568 that is 14% return at the best case or 10% return at worst case, that to with in 6 trading session.