IGPL - Almost 5 X in 15 months

IGPL (683) - 
 Identified, when it was at 150+ in  July 2016 
at that time, fixed the target 280
 but after that, during this 15 months, 
5 times target extended,

 including the latest one in 3 days before,
set it as 760--780,
 Let us see.

Already, it gave almost 400% absolute return
 in 15 months 


During this continuous up move journey,
 Repeatedly asking the only one question,
whenever extend the target

"When TIRUMALCHM was done much higher at price wise, Why not IGPL?
(same product manufacturing company, 
in fact, higher capacity)

In fact, this is nothing but the justification and conviction for its up move comparing the peer, that'll.

Fortunately, this conviction/justification
 worked out well, so far.


IGPL mapped