PPP subscription service

(Future & Options only)

Almost everyday, I am giving lot of calls in this website and in my twitter that anybody can browse and use it freely.

 But this PAY PER POSITON calls are only for the subscribers. 

Salient feature of this offer:

* Give F&O Calls only, exclusively, for this type of subscribers

* Covers, only Futures & Options segment of NSE

* Calls going to be charged on per call basis

* Holding period few days to few weeks

* Calls send to the subscriber’s mail id and/or mobile via SMS.

* Give mobile alert regarding the calls.

What is require , from your side:

Have an Active F&O trading account

Have a capacity to do one or two calls at a time

Ready to do both Long and/or Short calls.

Ready to do  Futures and/or  Options  or  Both at a time.

What will be given, from our side:

At a time, will be given only one call or maximum 2 calls

Long call & Short call 

Almost all calls are positional 

Target will be five digit figure profit (that is., above 10k per lot in case of future and in case of option, it will be more than 50% of the premium parked).

Stop may be with in four digit figure for future and in case of option it may be less than 50% of the premium parked.

Interested market participant can mail to the following mail id.with subject line "PAY PER POSITION" for further details:

Note : If any body interested only in CASH SEGMENT, then mentioned in your mail "CASH ONLY" , we will give only cash segment calls, separately,  for that kind of subscribers