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NIFTY - Even the pullback unable to go beyond 4300. So That was the pull-back for the so called American bail out package of $700 billion that to unable convince the congress till date. Now What next to our NIFTY is, If It break and close below 3900, may expect 3500 to 3200.

Unconvincing Opinion of NIFTY

NIFTY - Technically speaking after the double-bottom formation from 3790-3800, Pull-back can not go beyond 4400-4450. But. but.. last week high voltage drama in the american financial markets and because of that drama, entire world stock markets actions and reactions raises various doubts about the high of nifty. So beyond 4450 , it may go upto 4800+ to 4900+. (In coming days perception will dominate over technicals)


NIFTY - As expected (Opinion posted on 08 September 08 and 30 August 08) fall came and now arrested at 3900+ for time-being. May expect a pullback upto 4200-4250. Falling momentum aggreviate once break and close below 3900.


CRUDE OIL -  Now nearing the expected target  of  $ 101-98 (refer 09 August 08 posted opinion). May expect  a very good bounce from there.  dead cat bounce or dead rat bounce (whatever you call it). But. But.. If It it close below $ 99-98 in two days in a row then may expect $ 85-82.  


NIFTY - Most probably Either today or this week high may be the TOP-OUT for this pull back rally , which was started at 3790 on july 08.