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Jain Irrigation Systems

JISLJALEQS (73.35) - Resistance 74--76 But trade and stays above that  upside target 92-94

Panacea Biotec

PANACEABIO (169) - Support 160-150 Above that upside target 230---250 *** But above that mega break out going to happen, If it so, will post the mega upside target  .

R. S. Software (India)

RSSOFTWARE (226) - Posted on 27th Dec. 2013 " Hurdle 200--220, But trade and stays above that short term upside target 310-330" After this post , Last Wednesday only it broken the mentioned hurdle of 200-220 so now trade and stay above 220-200 next upside target 310-330 with in between resist at 282-286 *** ALERT : Low Volume Stock 

Shriram Transport Finance Company

S RTRANFIN (811) - Posted on 11th Mar. " Strong Resistance  670-690, But in case trade and stay above that ready for another big up move that take it to 805-825 and  842-872" ** After this post, it broken the mentioned resistance on 24th Mar. and after  zig zag movements, at last, on Wednesday it attacked the mentioned upside target, when it made high 833.90. *** Now going to top out any where between 850---900 But trade and stays above that ready for mega break out, If it happen, will post the mega upside target.