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BANK NIFTY - a review

Before seeing the below chart with our marking,   see the post titled "BANKNIFTY - macro view"  which was posted on 25th Feb. 2017 

First target & resist of around 23500 now nearing.
eventual ULTIMATE 28400 is due. 

Balaji Amines

BALAMINES -  From 58 to 400 in three years. 

Double booster: 

If one attempt failed and if it took more time to reattempt, then the second attempt will be more powerful and sustainable. that is what this stock price behaviour teaches us.

If find out any stock behaves similarly then don't forget this stock and its pattern. 

BOVESPA - 10 % fall in a single day


Indiabulls Real Estate

IBREALEST  (171) -
From 2008 High, value diminished by 95% in 2011.

From 2016  Low, value appreciated by 300 % in 2017(so for).

Now, it requires another 400% up move to regain 2008 high.

Will it?

Last Month, in a single day,
best ever move happened in its life history.
 It might be a trigger for a sustained up move.
 Long way to go...

Public Sector Banks

PSB combined balance sheet size around 100 lac crores 

Public Banks2016 LOW2017 HIGHL2H %NOWATH INDIANB75.3360.9379354.3361VIJAYABANK28.297.424587.6115PNB69.25185.8168169.15280CENTRALBK47.9123.25157114.6217ORIENTBANK75.15191154162.9546ALBK39.492.413589.95272PSB31.6572.312864.85147SBIN148.25304.9106297.9352UNIONBANK104205.197174.5427DENABANK25.650.19640.15151SYNDIBANK49.4959289.7180BANKINDIA105.75197.286178.85589UNITEDBNK16.0529.458322.6150IDBI47.2586.48375.5202MAHABANK23.240.757633.9597UCOBANK26.844.756741.7152ANDHRABANK47.0576.16269.3190CANBK257.241662366844IOB20.532.25729.95227CORPBANK41.4564.755658.35163J&KBANK56.2865384.05195BANKBARODA146.7202.538186.4229

Understand the price behaviour


On 10th Feb, When I saw the price behaviour of SHILPI, it reminded me the similar pattern of ENERGYDEV price behaviour, which was panned out in Sep-Nov 2016.
 so I expected on that date itself, the same kind of fall will be going to happen in SHILPI also, sooner or later. 
in fact, I sent an SMS to one of my people on that date.
                                       (purposely erased name and mobile no.) 

After 2 to 3  months later,  now it is happening. 

Apart from everything, we must monitor the price and its behaviours to understand the forthcoming move. 

If we observe deeply, we can identify
Mostly, before a big move, either up or down, some signal will come in the price behaviour.

If not able to identify and in case, got trapped in this kind of stocks,  not only  lose/block money  but lose the other good opportunities also 
In fact, last year, these were the long themes.
 and exited at a very good margin also. 

Some Ideas can change

Some Ideas are working out well during this last 12 months and still, they are performing tirelessly even after moved few X during this period
Explore, like this, few more ideas can find out



When something is built at scale, there will be points of view on that. - Nandan Nilekani

How big a problem is the current situation with the lack of a privacy law? I’m very clear that India needs a very modern privacy and data-protection law. And I’ve been saying this far longer than most people. Sometime in May of 2010, I wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that we should have a privacy law. And I followed that up. I asked Rahul Matthan (partner at Trilegal and a Mint columnist) and he helped. He worked with the department of administrative reforms and came out with a draft law and subsequently there was a committee under Justice A.P. Shah, and one of my colleagues (at UIDAI) Ashok Pal Singh was a member of that committee. They contributed to the framing of the principles. The only issue I have with the current narrative is, why should Aadhaar be singled out as a reason for the law? The biggest privacy risk that you have is your smartphone. A billion people will have smartphones as we go forward, their conversations will be recorded, their messages will be read, their l…