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NF (5797) - Below 5825-5855 down move continue to 5730-5700 
and afterwards 5620-5590
upside resistance 5900-5920

Dish TV India

DISHTV (49.20) - Below 50-52 mega break down happened, so as long as stays  below 
 ultimate  down side target 19-17
in between support 39-38  & 32-30 

Divi's Laboratories

DIVISLAB (925) - Last hope and support 920-890
But trade and stay below that Ultimate down side target   710-690
in between support  835-825


HDFCBANK (625) - Posted on 11th July "Below 675 down side target 630-620" as posted now attacked the mentioned down side target (made low exactly 620)
Now what next ? 
Last hope and support 620-600
But trade and stays below that down side target 490-470

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (627) - So after attacked the mentioned upside target of 707-728 (Made high 725) now corrected up to 622.

Now what next ? 
Support 628-618
But two consecutive close below the support take it down to 580-570  and below that even 500


NTPC (137) -  below 135-130  down side target 110-105

Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (857) - It is falling from 928 and till yesterday it made low 854
now support exists at 845-835
but below that down side target 780-760

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARMA (575) - At last yesterday it crossed the in between resist of   564-574 (ex-bonus) 
So now already mentioned upside target of  627 (ex-bonus) intact 
Down side support remain same at 550-540

One of the Best Continuous Performing Stock for the Past 10 Years. that performance still going on....... 

Tata Communications

TATACOMM (151) - Posted on 20th June itself "below 166-176 down side target 86----66"and after this post when it was traded at 157 tweeted on 29th June as below 
TATACOMM (157) - Ready for pull back up to 181---187 in between resist at 167-170
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) June 29, 2013
and  as tweeted  on 01st July it pull backed from 160 and made high 182.45 and  from there once again down move started  and as on yesterday it made low 150

So now trade and stays below 148 next in down side 114---108
and after wards ultimate downside target 86------66


UNITECH (16.50) -  Below 17.50 leading to big down fall only
Now trade and stays below 16 down side target 11