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NIFTY 50 vs NIFTY 100,200 & 500

In Feb. 2017 month, NIFTY 100, NIFTY 200 & NIFTY 500 all the three closed on the month basis above the 2015 March high, only exception NIFTY 50

NIFTY - revisit & review

NIFTY (8900) -  Said on post dated 01st Jan 2017,  "In this year of 2017, the range will be between 7200-6800  in downside and  8600-9000 in the upside.Probably both end we will see in 2017.In case if it violates either one of the above then we may relook the present set up until then this will be the broad range. " So, as per the above view, this year upside range 8600---9000,  yesterday high 8992  and closed at 8900.  that means,now the upside range fully completed and apart from it,  got some more signals & waiting few more  that don't want to elaborate here.  it seems, as such, Topped out @ 8992. *** As long as stays between 8600-9000, considering as topping range. But in case , break above this range then  9000-9200 will become  || neutral || make or break || to be or not to be || But above that  next in upside 10400  and afterwards 11400.