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NF (4930) - All levels remain same No change at all.

Resistance 4940-4970  But above that 5030-5050

Support 4870-4850 but below that 4785-4755

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (628) -  short term trend reversal already happened
so now Support 625-615 and once clear the resist 640-650
then  up move target 705-715

Jindal Steel & Power

JINDALSTEL (440) - Now it is in the stage of Make or Break
Last hope and support 440-430
Trade and stays below that then Ultimate down target  213-208

Financial Technologies (India)

FINANTECH (590) - Last four weeks it consolidated between 555-605
so now face  Resistance 608-618
Once it clear this resist then can up move up to 670-680