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BANK - simple & neat business.

Taking money from the depositors without security, with lesser interest and Lending the same money to the borrowers with security and higher interest and take the difference. 

BANK - Simple and neat business. 


COSMOFILMS (384.60) - 

see the post dated 05th Aug 2015

and now verify the mentioned  levels and the stock performance with the  below chart 

stock performance  up to 28th Jan 2016

and after that 

see the post dated  29th Jan 2016

and now verify the mentioned  levels and the stock performance with the  below chart 

stock performance  up to 27th April 2016

Economic heat-map of INDIA


Composite Leading Indicators (CLI) - INDIA and others.

Source : OECD 

NIFTY - What next ?

NIFTY (7912) - 
 Going to TOP OUT 8050--8150 
with in two to three few weeks time frame.

Expect correction  6 to 11 % 
either in one wave or in multiple waves.

Stay hungry, not thirsty.

There’s a difference between hungry and thirsty, in business and in life. Hungry is a positive – it’s synonymous with striving and putting in extra time to work on things. It means getting started early and finishing late, going farther than others in the pursuit of a better outcome. It’s how virtually every success story begins, the catalytic effect that takes place whenever desire and commitment meet. Hungry means working quietly and focusing on one’s own improvement, often in the dark and with little fanfare until the finished product is ready. It’s good to be hungry. Thirsty is different. There’s nothing worse than being thirsty – even lazy and unambitious is preferable. Hungry people actually accomplish stuff before they speak on it. Thirsty people start from the premise that they already know better than everyone else, even before they accomplish anything. That they are worthy of adulation just by virtue of their having opened their mouth. It doesn’t work that way. Social media is fi…

India along with the world

From Feb. end on wards Indian Market  is moving upwards with force. If any body, so called experts, says that, it is, because of  India Story , not only they are ignorant/innocent  but make it others also. 
The following two months chart movements of world market says so.

INDIA  - Up by 15 %


Dax   -  Up by 16 %
Dow  -  Up by 16 %
Brazil  - Up by 40 %

Click the charts below to get the zoom view.

DOW  -  market is moving up and up even though there is no any significant growth in the economy !

BRAZIL -  so many problems economically and politically but the market moved up highest among the world during this period. !!

DAX - everybody knows the euro issue but now the issue becomes the part of the life, so market is moving up.. !!!

and now, most importantly,  INDIA is moving up during this period. It is because , India is growing very fast among the world. !!!!

Is Warren Buffet an "Investor" or merely a "Trader" ?

Post dated 08th April said as : 

"As for as i am concerned, Almost all the market participants are traders only, the only difference is the time duration. (some trade for days and some trade for years).

Investor means, who transfer his/her stock holdings along with all other immovable assets to their future generations through will, they are called investors and all others are only traders. "

Raised question about the above opinion, below is that embed 


So, in your opinion, is Warren Buffet an "investor" or merely a "trader"? — Dr. Geeta Gupta (@Doctorgeeta) April 11, 2016

and my answers, below are that embed :
@Doctorgeeta Only buy something that you'd be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years. — Murugavel (@murugavell) April 11, 2016
@Doctorgeeta “Our favorite holding period is forever.” — Murugavel (@murugavell) April 11, 2016
@Doctorgeeta both are principles of WARREN BUFFET , I think , don't want to say any thing more. …


Find out the above chart stock name is not at all the matter,

But the matter is :

Find out the trade based on the price and find out the business based on the value have decide the absolute return of the invested capital.

In the last  three years, when understand the price of the above stock, gave average return of 50% + (in two trades)

whereas, when understand the business value of the above stock, gave return of 500% + so for. (if hold till now).

Learning is the process,  learning continue... 

Wishing you all , THE best financial year 2016-17