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NIFTY - Follow up

NIFTY (5030) - Posted on 02nd Nov. "this month probable low 5150-5050"
whereas yesterday it traded and closed below that also.
 what next ?
Now yesterday low 4990 is crucial.
In case, if trade and close below that also, then  expect big down move that going to test recent low of 4760-4720.
Trade and Stays below that then Ultimate down target 4160-4040

NF (5079) - All levels are remain same :
Down target  andSupport5010-4990 But below that next attack in downside 4920-4900 now upside resistance 5088-5098  and Hurdle  5150-5180 and 5220-5240

Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS (222) - Last hope and support 215-205
But trade and close below that down target 167-157

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (406) - Below 420, last hope 390
But trade and stays below 390, down target 335-330  and even upto 290-288

VIP Industries


Sintex Industries

SINTEX (90.65) -  On 18th Aug. Posted here "Below 138-135, down side target  92_81" After this post. it closed below 135 on 30th Sep only and yesterday it came down to the mentioned down target level (made low 87.25).
So now last support 81
But in case if it not take support here then fall continue to 68_58.

Note : Don't think any thing cheap becuase of its fall or any thing costly because of its rise. it does not matter. In stock market,Price and Levels only matters.

Educomp Solutions

EDUCOMP (192) - As posted on 14th Nov. "below 238 it attacked the mentioned down target 205 and yesterday even it broken the recent low also.
now what next ?
hereafter upside hurdle 205-215
and Trade and stays below 190 next down target 165-155 (this target already mentioned here on 26th Aug. itself)
And trade below 165-155 Next ultimate down target 98.