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NF (6088) - Repeatedly posted (from 21st Oct. on wards)here, " in between Resistance 6330-6360 and if not move beyond, ultimate down side target 5990-5960 with, in between, support at 6220-6190 & 6130-6150"
As posted, resisted at the mentioned level of 6330-6360 (made high 6383 on mahurat session) from there fall started and last week it almost came down to the mentioned support level of 5990-5960 (made low 6008) (target short fall 18 points), from there, last Thursday, moved up and resisted at 6138 (previously mentioned support now it become resist)

Now Support remain same at 5990-5960

Pull back Resistance 6130-6150 & 6190-6220
Trend reversal above that only.

Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (282) - Already posted on 11th Nov. and last Thursday it made high 283. so mentioned  target and top out level of 275-285 completed 
Mentioned break out level of 205-210 to target level of 275-285 attacked  with in 30 trading session.
 As said  in the post, it is in next Make or Break level.
So top out 275-285
but two to three positive close above that next positional target  470-480

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (244) -  On 29th Oct. tweeted  regarding this stock, and  below is that embed : 
Adani Enterprises / mentioned resist of 205--220 remain same but above that next target 235---250
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) October 29, 2013

As tweeted, above 220 it moved up and on last Thursday, it made high 249 so tweeted  upside target completed.
 what next ?
Now Resistance 249--253
If not move beyond, expect correction 210 & 195-190
But trade and stays above 249-253,
 up move continue to 276-280 & 288-292

JSW Steel

JSWSTEEL (864) - Posted on  07th Oct. when it was trading at 774 "Hold above 768-748 upside target 880-910" as posted , after this post it made low 763.10 on 09th Oct. and from their it moved up and  attacked the mentioned upside target of 880-910 (made high 886 on 01st Nov.) and  hovering around this levels more than 6 to 7 days and it corrected up to 825 on 13th Nov. and  last Thursday once again it moved up and made high 874. 

already mentioned target and resistance remain same at 880-910 
Even above that also face one more resistance at 940-955
In case if it trade and stays above the mentioned  both resistance  then it is ready for another big up move  that leads to break the all the time high . 
if it happen, will post the in between resistance. 
but now  if not move beyond the resistance then the down side target 830-815
and below that next in down side  785-770

Power Finance Corporation

PFC (149) - Last Resistance 150-155
but trade and stays above that upside target 190-195

SKS Microfinance

SKSMICRO (159) - Resistance 165--175 and beyond that next resist exists at 195--205
But if it cross both resistance and stays above that then ready for big up move 
target 300-310

Sesa Sterlite

SSLT (formally SESAGOA) (191) - Posted on 26th Sep. "Support 175-170, Last hurdle 200-210" , as posted, after this post it made low 173.20 on 01st Oct (exactly mentioned support level) and made high 209.40 on 01st Nov. (again exactly mentioned  hurdle).
from 209.40 it corrected up to 183 and now trading at 191
so all mentioned levels are remain same 
that is : support 175-170 and Hurdle 200-210
but above that expect real big up move,  that upside target also mentioned in the same post itself. 

Tata Steel

TATASTEEL (375) - Posted on 21st Oct when it was trading at 320+ "immediate upside target 362-372" as posted, last Thursday it attacked the mentioned upside target (made high 376.85).
now what next ? 
it seems, up move continuation pattern 
So now if move beyond 372-377  marching towards 425--450
in between resist at 396-402

United Breweries

UBL (762) - Recently it corrected from the top of 1006 to 733 that to, less than one month.
and now it seems correction over. 
so now support 740-720
above that upside target 820-840
and if trade beyond,  next upside target 910-930
but close below 720, don't touch for long.

United Phosphorus

UPL (formally UNIPHOS) (169) - Posted on 07th Oct. Support 153-150 above that upside target 168-172" as posted it took support repeatedly at 153-150 level, almost whole month of Oct. and on 07th Nov it completed the mentioned upside  target of 168-172 (when it made high 175.50) , from there it corrected up to 164+ .
now it is readying for another big up move.

As mentioned in the same post (dated 07th Oct.)  now trade and  stays above  168-172
next upside target  219--239
with minor resist at 182-185



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