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Tata Motors

TATAMOTORS (484) - Below was the tweet embed dated 12th Aug. 

TATAMOTORS (446) - resist 454-464 but above that next in upside 484-494
— MURUGAVEL (@murugavell) August 12, 2014

After this tweet , it made low 466 on 13th Aug and on 14th Aug it made high 485.

Now what next ?  above 484-494
Last hurdle 506--519 and above that next target 546-556

Tata Motors DVR

TATAMTRDVR (330) -  Resistance 326-336
But Trade and stays above that  next upside target 375-385

Timken India

TIMKEN (363) - Posted on 18th June as "Hurdle 255--275 But trade and stays above that  ready for big up move  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 400-420"

Regarding the above mentioned post,  nothing to say in words about it  but instead of that ,post the chart of this stock. 
(click the below chart to get the zoom view)

So now marching towards the mentioned upside target 400-420

Union Bank of India

UNIONBANK (192) - Posted on 23rd June and said as ""Down side target and support 187-177" 

After this post, it repeatedly took support at the mentioned level not one time but three times till now. (14th July Low 181.45, 01st Aug Low 185.60 and  on last Thursday (14th Aug) Low 186.45)

So now it seem bottom formed at 187-177 level. If trade and stays below that only,  can expect next round of fall.
So now If hold above, upside target 224-231


VOLTAS (221) - Posted on 18th June as "Above  210-220,  next upside target 260--280"

After this post, it went up to 233 but corrected up to 180 and now on last Thursday once again closed above 220

so now support 220-210
Above that  Already mentioned upside target of 260--280 remain same.


Repeat the post dated 18th June "in case trade and stays above 260--280,  mega break out going to happen, If it so, will post the mega Upside Target. "

Whirlpool of India

WHIRLPOOL  (415) -  Marching towards 545-565
with in between resist at 455-465
Down side support 355-335

Yes Bank


Zee Entertainment Enterprises

ZEEL (270) - Last Thursday it formed bottom 
so now support 270-260
Above that upside target 295-305

Ranbaxy Laboratories

RANBAXY   (603) - Posted on 18th June as "Resistance 490-510
But Above that upside target  550-560  &  588-598"

After this post, It broken the mentioned resistance on 30th June ,when it closed above 516 on that date , from there it moved up and mentioned target attacked on 30th July,when it made high 596 , from there it gave correction up to 550 on 08th Aug. (that was also mentioned level only) and last Thursday it made high 604 and closed and 602

So now what next ? 

Support 598-588 

Above that next upside target 643-653

In case trade and stays above 643-653  then ready for big up move 

If it happen, will post the big upside target.