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Reliance Industries

RELIANCE (903) - Posted on 07th Mar. (when it was trading at 822) "  Above 820-815, Upside target 842-852,  But above that next in upside 890-900" as posted it already attacked the mentioned upside target on 10th Mar itself and after a correction up to 870  it is moving up and yesterday it closed above the target also Now What next ?  Above 890-900 face resistance 925-935 & 955-965 But above that only mega break out going to happen,  If happen , will post the target.

Polaris Software Lab

POLARIS (184) - Above 180-170 Upside target 210-220   and above that ready for another big up move


AMBUJACEM (189)  - Posted on 28th Feb " Support 165-160, Above that upside target 180-185" after this post it made low 163 on 5th Mar. and attacked the mentioned upside target on 07th March itself (made high 186.5) and after a correction yesterday it made high 190 and closed above 185 also.   Now what next ?  Support 185-180  above that next upside target 215-220