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NF (4774) - All levels are remain same :
Now Make or Break level is 4720-4690 above that , upside resist at 4790-4810 and afterwards 4860-4880  and 4940-4960
But trade and stays below 4720-4690 ultimate down target 4262
in between support 4630-4600 & 4545-4525

State Bank of India

SBIN (1718) - Below Post was posted on 13th Sep. "It looks now 1870-1850 is crucial trade and stays below that take it down to 1711-1686" Day before yesterday low was 1710 so now 1711-1686 is the support trade and stays below that only next down fall up to 1598-1592 otherwise pullback upto 1790-1810 & 1850-1870.

Axis Bank

AXISBANK (952)  - As posted on 03rd oct. below 990-980 first down target 945 and below that further levels are already mentioned in that post itself.
as posted, day before yesterday it made low 945 and
now if not break 945, expect pull back 980-990
and afterwards face strong hurdle at 1050-1060

Aban Offshore

ABAN (338) - As posted on 23rd Sep . Below 365,it attacked the mentioned down target 333 (made low 332)
now what next ?
If not break 333-330, expect pullback once again up top 365-370
Below 333, down targets already mentioned on 23rd sep itself.

Titan Industries

TITAN (197) - Posted on 22nd Sep. "Hurdle 235-240"  after this post it made high  234 and from there, day before yesterday it made low 193.
now what is in ?
Last hope and support 190-185 
But below that, ultimate down target 147-140
in between support 160