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NF (5066) - So yesterday exactly it resisted the mentioned resist level of 5185 and  exactly it came down to the mentioned support level of 5030  that is, in a single day movement of 155 points.
 So once again remind "concentrate only on levels and  others nothing"
now All levels are remain same :
Support 5060-5030 But below that last hope and support 4970-4940
Upside resist remain at 5155-5185

Ranbaxy Laboratories

RANBAXY (472) - Good support exists at 470-465
But trade and stays below that ulimate down side target 400-395
In between minor support exists at 447_440

Bata India

BATAINDIA (791) - As posted on 07th June it was not moved up but whereas broken the bottom support of 799 so now ready for another fall.
Now resistance 798-808
Below that down side target 755-735