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Bharat Forge

BHARATFORG  (1225) - Posted on 14th Jan , as " Resistance 1015-1035 Above that next  upside target 1150---1190" as on yesterday, not only, it attacked the mentioned upside target but went beyond that up to 1230 and closed at 1225 **  what next ?  Now Support exists at 1190-1170 above that  up move continue to 1290-1310

Astra Microwave Products

ASTRAMICRO  (154) - Above 155-160  next upside target 168-173    and Last Hurdle  185-195 But above that ready for big up side  ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 345--365

Bharat Electronics ---- TARGET HIT

BEL   (3993) - Positional post was posted on 05th July 2014 as " HURDLE 2140-2260 But in case trade and stays above that  then ready for big up move. ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 3610--3805" After this post, it came down to 1702 on 14th July 2014 and it broken  the mentioned hurdle of 2140-2260 on 10th Nov. 2014 and Yesterday it completed the mentioned upside target of 3610-3805 not only that it went up to 4145 and closed at 3993. that means almost 70% return from the mentioned break out level to target  level  (2260  to 3805) *** Now what next ?  Resistance 4070--4170 In case trade above that   next upside target 4730--4830 and now Down side support  3800--3600