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NF (5528) - All levels remain same :
Support 5533-5503   If stays above that, then  upside continue and next target in upside  5702-5732
But below that support, next level in downside 5422-5392.

Shriram Transport Finance Company

SRTRANSFIN (573) - Posted on 08th Feb. Below 596 down target 545" after this post exactly it went up to 596 and from there exactly it came down to 545 not one day but last 4 days and took support.
so now support remain same 550-545
and once again face resist at 596-603  and last hurdle 615-621
But above that ready for big up move

Pantaloon Retail (India)

PANTALOONR (196.50) -  Once again resistance 198-202
But trade and stays above that next attack in upside 224-228

Maruti Suzuki India