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NF (5952) - Levels remain same :  Resistance 6005-6035
Support  5875-5845 Next movement going to happen only break and stays either above the Resist or below the Support  levels Until then this is the trading range.

Punjab National Bank

PNB (871) - Top out 870-890 (this was said on 24th Sept.2012 itself)
But in case trade and stays above that short term upside target 1080-1100

Gitanjali Gems - POSITIONAL

GITANJALI (532) - Posted on 21st Nov. Above 475-495 ready for a big upside movement and said first  upside target 540-550  as posted yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target (made high 541).
Now what is the mega upside target ? 
Hereafter major support exists at 490-460
Above that short term ultimate upside target 948-968
in between resist exists at 677-687 & 754-764

Exide Industries

EXIDEIND (144) - As posted on 26th Dec. It supported the mentioned hope and support level of 137-135 (made low 136 on 26 & 27th Dec) and from there it moved up and yesterday made high 145.50)
 now what is in ? 
Mentioned support of 137-135 remain same and now trade above 144 go up to 152-155
and above that next in upside 165-167