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NF (5036) -   Support 5000-4980
Above that upmove target 5090-5110 ,  5160-5180 & 5228-5248
Below 4980 take it down to 4920-4900  & 4860-4840

VIP Industries

VIPIND (908)  - Posted on 09th Sep. "Timebeing top out 1010-1030 and for this down target 910-890"
As posted it topped out at 1025 on 21st sep and yesterday it came down to the mentioned target, when it made low of  901.
Now what next ?
Support 910-890
But trade and stays below that  down move continue to 825-815

BF Utilities

BFUTILITIE (468) - Now if not break 460, once again pull back to  495-505
but trade and stays below 460 take it down to 427-407

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (1490) -  Today if close below 1480-1465 down move starts.. For this down target already mentioned on 29th Aug. itself.

Gitanjali Gems

GITANJALI (346) -  Posted on 08th Sep. "Hurdle 325-335 but above that upmove target 365-375" as posted above that hurdle it went upto 372 on 21st sep and yesterday it came down to 332 and closed at 346.
so now the trading range
Support 335-325
Resistantance 365-375
Below support, take it down to 310 & 292-290
Above the resistance, face last hurdle at 390-400
but above that ready for next big upmove

Pantaloon Retail (India)

PANTALOONR (206) - Posted on 15th Sep. "below 262-258 down target 206-204" as posted yesterday it attacked the mentioned down target of 204 (made low 203)
what next ?
Last hope and Support 210-200
But trade and close below that,  marching towards a big down fall.
for this, Ultimate down target 92
Hereafter in upside face hurdle 235_255