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Havells India

HAVELLS (699) - this is updated at 16.22 hours 
Posted on 19th Sep.  "Now support 610-600 above that upside target 705-710" 
 after this post, on 20th Sep. it made low 611 and today (09th Oct.) it made high  703
now  what next ? 
so already mentioned target and resistance of 705-710 remain same 
But in case trade and stays above, then 710-700 becomes support and 
up wards journey continue to 766--798

NF (6048) - Levels are already posted on 04th Oct itself. that levels are remain same.
but what happened was : after this post, on 04th Oct and 08th Oct  it crossed  and traded  above  5960-5990 but not moved up, instead of that,  came back to 5856 (and not even touch the down side support of 5820-5800) and yesterday once again crossed but this time closed above that also.
so now support 5990-5960
above that upside target 6190-6220
But once again trade and stays below 5990-5960,  down side target also remain same at 5820-5800

Alembic Pharmaceuticals

APLLTD (160) - Now resistance 165-170
But trade and stays above that upside target 214-219