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State Bank of India

SBIN (2377) -  Last hope and support 2350--2300 But below that down side target 2060--2010

Syndicate Bank

SYNDIBANK  (107) - Posted on 15th Sept as " Above 127-129 face resist at 133-135 "   After this post, it made high 133.65 on 16th Sept. and yesterday it broken the already mentioned support level of 115-110 (made low 106)  so now resist  110-115 below that down side target 95--92

NIFTY - spot one more update...

NIFTY (7912) -   On 18th Sep. only updated regarding this index and said "Top out 8100--8300 remain same and  for this  down side target 7858-7808" After this post, once again it went up to 8160.90 on 19th Sept., from there once again fall started , yesterday it made new recent low 7877.  So mentioned down side target of 7858-7808 remain same and intact  but below that next downside target 7738-7688 *** With in next few days,  going to update macro view of NIFTY