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NF (5499) - All Levels remain same :
Last hope and support 5500-5480
But below that, shortly take it down to 5304-5294
in between support at 5425
Upside Resistance 5550  and above that Face Hurdle at 5650-5670

VIP Industries

VIPIND (838) - Support 835-825 But trade and stays below that come down to 760-740



Educomp Solutions

EDUCOMP (344) -Posted on 18th July "Last hope and support 382-380,Trade and stays below that, take it down to 348-344 and afterwards 324-318"
As posted, on 21st july it broke 380 and yesterday it came down 342 
now if not take support here then down move continue to 324-318

Century Textiles & Industries

CENTURYTEX (345) - Below 350-347 , take it down to 327-324

Canara Bank

CANBK (477) - Posted on 12th July itslef "Last hope 500 but below that down target 475-465" as posted yesterday exactly  it came down to 475 so now support 475-465 but trade and stays below that will lead to further fall only.

BGR Energy Systems

BGRENERGY (408) - Day before yesterday posted here "below 445 down target 400" as posted it come down from 445 to 405 (yesterday low 405) Last hope and support 400 Trade and stays below this level, extreme weak. so 2conseuctive close below this level, big crack going to happen even up to 265 & 215