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EID Parry India

EIDPARRY  (140) -  After 11 months continuous fall, from the high of 248, it seems, the fall came to an end last month.
so now 
It won't break and close below 123 
and will go up to 185 

Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

DISHMAN (370) - Posted on 02nd June as "Support 140
But below that 
down side target and support 120-115"

After this post, on 03rd June , it made low 126.30 ,from there rally started and on 06th Oct it made high 389.50 
that means, in the last four months time frame it moved up by 209 %

now what next ? 

It seems, on going rally come to an end(at least for time being)  and it is time for correction 
Correction target  335 & 295--275

if at all break the recent high 390,
 face resist at 400-410.