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NF (5640)  - All levels are remain same : 
Resistance 5635-5655
and now below that ultimate down side target 5556

if it is trade and close below that another break down going to happen 

for that down side target  5366 

Above 5635-5655 next resist in upside 5730-5750 & 5855-5875.

Reliance Infrastructure


GAIL (India)

GAIL (303) - As posted on 05th Feb. Last Tuesday it attacked the mentioned in between support of 303-298 (made low 300).
Now the support is 303-298
but in case if it trade and stays below 303-298 then ready for another mega break down
Ultimate Targeting towards  207-197
in between support  278-273  &  255-250

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR  (472) - Posted on 25th Feb "below 450 down side target 435-430 & 414-409 whereas it came down to 432 on 07th Mar and from there it is moving up and up to day before yesterday it made high 475.80.

now what next ? 
Now come to the very crucial  make or break level.

Now Resistance 480-485 
If not go beyond that  then once again down side target 455-450 and 435-430

But in case trade and stays above that, then next upside target 515-525

Larsen & Toubro