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Facebook, Inc

FACEBOOK ($ 49.51) - Regarding this stock, last update was on 16th Sep.2012, that to about it bottom out at  $17+  and about its up side target. 
Now after one year this is the new update. Recently it  made high  $50+ and afterwards  gave correction up to $45+  and from there, now it is moving up.
what is in ? 
As long as stays above $ 45+  face last hurdle $56-58 But above that  upside target $ 72+

NF (6143) - On 04th Oct itself posted and once again reminded on 10th oct
Above 5990-5960  upside target 6190-6220 
mentioned target and resistance  remain same at 6190-6220 
But in case trade and stays above that next short term upside target 6570-6600
Note : will post in between resist latter on.

Larsen & Toubro

LT (876) -   Posted on 11th Oct "Above 845 up move to 896-911" on posted date low was 850 and yesterday it made high 894.
posted target almost attacked 
now what next ? 
Posted target and resistance of 896-911 remain same

but trade and stays above that up move continue to 1002-1024

Karur Vysya Bank

KARURVYSYA (350) - Resistance 350-360
But trade and stays above that upside target 400-410

Canara Bank

CANBK (244) - Posted on 16th Sep "Above 220-215 upside target 248-253" after this post, on 17th Sep it made low 216.50 and from there it moved and exactly  made high 254 on 20th Sep. and from there corrected and once again took support at the same level of 216 on 25th Sep. and again on 30th Sep. and from there it moved up and yesterday once again attacked the mentioned upside target of 248-253 (made high 250.20).
Yes, 16th Sep. posted levels are in simple term,  But it behaved exactly  not one time but two times. 
 what next ? 
Now resistance remain almost same at  253-256
But trade and stays above that next in upside  285-292
If not move beyond 253-256 once again down side target 220-215
Note : now once again levels are in simple term only