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Indian Bank

INDIANB (152) -    Support 152--142 
above that upside target  188--198

JK Tyre & Industries

JKTYRE (465) - Posted on 23rd Sept. as "now resist 520--535  down side target & support 435--420" 

On the posted date  itself (23rd Sept.) it went up and resisted at  525  and last  Friday it attacked the mentioned down side  target and support of 435--420 (made low exactly 435)

so now mentioned support of 435-420 remain same

and once again upside target and resistance 520--535

Larsen & Toubro

LT  (1476) -  Now Support 1470-1430
above that upside target 1630-1670

Ranbaxy Laboratories


Reliance Industries

RELIANCE  (933) -  Support 925-915  and below that next down side target and support 875-865

and now upside resistance 975--995

Reliance Infrastructure

RELINFRA (593) - Posted on 11th Aug. and said as "Last hope and support 698-668
But below that down side target 580-558"

After this post, it broken the mentioned support on 16th Sept. (closed at 658), afterwards it pull backed up to 677 on 18th Sept. and Last Friday it attacked the mentioned target exactly (made low 580 and closed at 593).

Now what next ? 
Last Friday, not only it attacked the mentioned down side target but it seems time being bottom out also. 
so now support 580--558
Above that upside target 668-698


SIEMENS (823) - Now support 800-780
above that upside target 907-927  & 990-1010

But below 800-780
next in down side 665-645

Sesa Sterlite

SSLT  (275) - Posted on 14th July itself and said as " Hope and support 285-280 But below that down side target  253-247 with in between support at 273-269"

After this post, Not one time but two times it took support at the mentioned in between support of 273-269  first time on 08th Aug. (made low 267) and  second one on last Friday , this time also once again made same low 267 

So now support at 270-265

 face  resist at 285-290 & 300-305

but now in case trade and stays below 270-265
next down side target of 230-225
with in between support at 253-247.

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries

SUNPHARAMA (806) - Posted on 23rd Sept. as "Below 840-820 ,  last hope and support 790-780 but below that down side target 745-735"

After this post, it broken the support of 790-780 on 23rd sept. itself and last Friday it made low 748 (Whereas mentioned target 745-735) , not only that , from there bounce backed and made high 821 (that is mentioned resist only).


Now what next ? 

as posted, already, 

Now support 790-780 

and resistance 820-840

In case trade above that

Next resist at  870-890

but afterwards