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Aurobindo Pharma

AUROPHARMA (687) - Posted on 28th May as " Support  623-603  trade above 647-657,   next upside target  682-692" As posted yesterday mentioned upside target attacked  (made high 704 and closed at 687) what next ?  Now if trade and hold above 682-692 next upside target 740--760 *** Once again repeat the Note.:  This stock pattern indicate ,  it is marching towards 4 digit figure in the medium term.


BEML (796) -  This is one of the best performance stock, posted here in the last one year, because in the last 9 months,  (six times posted here from 05th Oct. 2013 to 27th May 2014).  It moved from the posted level of 166 to 836,  that is more than 4 times return that to with in 9 months period. Regarding this stock , for buying side ,posted since 05th Oct.2013 on wards, from the price of 166-156 on wards, as on yesterday, made high 836 and closed at 796. A nd in the latest post dated 27th  May said, (when it was traded at 610 level)  "support 550-530 and above that already mentioned target of 700---770 remain same" as posted it corrected up to 27th May, made low 538.95 (exactly support level) and from there it moved up and now surpassed the mentioned upside target of 770 and in the last three days closed above that also. *** Now what next ?  Next upside target  1220--1320 with in between resist at  990-1010 &  1040-1060