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Yes Bank


Tata Power Company


Mcleod Russel India

MCLEODRUSS (267) - Last hope and support 265-260 

above that upside target 305-310  & 325--335
But  below 265-260 next down side target and Support  245-235

But in case , trade and stays below 245-235 ,  big fall going to happen

Idea Cellular

IDEA (138) - Support 130--126
Resistance 148-152

next big move either above/below only 

Hindustan Unilever

HINDUNILVR (603) - Posted on 28th April itself as "Support 580-570
if it so once again upside target 610-620
But below the support down side target 550-540"

and after this post it made low 550 on 09th May
 and last Friday made low 553

and made high 608 on 16th May
 and last Friday made high 615

Now what next ? 
All mentioned levels are remain same 
that is 

Resistance 610-620
Support 550-540

Trade and stays above/ below only think about next levels otherwise this is the level .


HATHWAY (328)  - Posted on 23rd Dec.2013 and Posted resistance 300-310 and almost after six month last Friday only it broken and closed above the mentioned resistance. 

now as posted in the same post.
Support 310-300 and worst case 290 
Upside target 385-395 and 420-430 remain same.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

DRREDDY (2460) -In the last three weeks, It was  500 rupees fall and from there, now it is moved up 200 rupees.
now what is in ? 
face resistance 2480-2520 
But trade and stays above that upside target 2715-2750

Divi's Laboratories

DIVISLAB (1275) - It seems correction over.
Now trade above 1275-1295
Upside target 1412-1432
in between resist 1375

Canara Bank

CANBK (414) - Posted on 21st May "next upside target 450-465, Any correction, down side support exists at 390-380 and worst case 330-315" 

As posted it attacked the mentioned upside target on  23rd May itself and even it went up to 492 on 26th May, from there , it is correcting (as on last Friday it made low 412) 

So now mentioned support of 390-380

and below that 330-315 remain same.

Berger Paints (I)

BERGEPAINT (247) - Posted on 23rd Oct. 2013 itself and still the mentioned resistance not crossed and closed.

Now what next ? 

Resistance 255-265
But trade and stays above that upside target  325-335
with in between resist at 300.

Asian Paints

ASIANPAINT (507) - Posted on 15th April "Resistance 552-562" as posted it resisted at 560 on 13th May, from there corrected up to 502 (as on last Friday).

now what next ? 

Support 505-495
Above that once again up side target 550-560

But below 505-495 next down side target 465-455

Amtek Auto

AMTEKAUTO (194) -  Support 190-185
and Resistance 205-210
Above that next target and last Hurdle 240--250

In case trade and stays above 240-250,  then ready for big up move 


Ahmednagar Forgings

AHMEDFORGE (345) - Posted on 14th May as "Resistance of 198--208 remain same
But two positive close above 208,
Then 210-190 become support for next big rally
for this Ultimate Upside  Target  570-590
with in between STRONG resist at  290-310 and 340-350"

As posted, already it moved up almost 70 % from the mentioned level , that to with in 13 trading session.

Now,  no word to say except " as on last Friday it made high 347.90
 and all mentioned levels are remain same and intact."

That is already mentioned upside target of 340-350 
and afterwards,
ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET OF 570-590 remain same.

Adani Power

ADANIPOWER (60.20) - Support 58.50--56.50
Above that upside target 70--72
But above that ULTIMATE UPSIDE TARGET 106--110
with in between resist at 80.50--82.50  &  96--99