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NF (6519) - Posted on 10th Mar. and  said first, in between, resist at 6565-6595, as posted, exactly, it made high 6594.20 on 10th March itself  and in the last four days hovering below that level only and as said in the same post, below 6565-6595,  first down side support exists at 6480-6460 and below that good support exists at 6370-6340

Sun TV Network

SUNTV (381)  - Posted on 03rd Mar. " Target and resistance 390--400" as posted it reached the target and resisted also at 400.55 on 12th Mar and yesterday from there fell down to 378 also. Now what next ?  down side target and support  360-355 and  347-343 Upside resistance 390-400 remain same.