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AMBUJACEM (221)- Posted on 29th April, " Now on going fall support exists at 191-187" as posted it came down and took support at 192 on 08th and 09th May , from there, it is moving up and as on yesterday it made high 222.  now what next ?  Answer for this, already posted on 15th April itself.  Below is the remind of that post. Face Hurdle 222-225 But trade and stays above that  next round of up move going to happen for this Ultimate Upside Target 298-302 with in between resist at 247-252 & 278-282

Ahmednagar Forgings

AHMEDFORGE (200) - Yesterday only posted,  Upside resistance 208  As posted , yesterday it moved from 185  and exactly resisted at 208 (that is exactly) and closed at 200 now what next ?  Resistance of 198--208 remain same But two positive close above 208, Then 210-190 become support for next big rally for this Ultimate Upside  Target  570-590 with in between STRONG resist at   290-310 and 340-350

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

ADANIPORTS (224) - Already posted on 24th Feb itself. and as posted, it crossed the mentioned hurdle of 175-185 in March month and afterwards, repeatedly took support at the mentioned level of 175-185, almost five times (even though it gave  panic, in between, almost two times,but not broken the mentioned support )  and yesterday it broken the mentioned in between resistance of 209-214. now what is in ?  As posted now Support 214-209 Above that already mentioned  upside target of   260-270 remain same

Adani Enterprises

ADANIENT (478) - Posted on 10th April itself and reminded on 02nd May also. Click here to see that post.  As posted, exactly took support at the mentioned level of 400-390 (made low 395.70 on 30th April),  from their , upward movement started and yesterday, not only attacked the target and resistance of 446-468 but moved beyond also up to 486.95 and closed above the mentioned resistance of 468 also. Now what is in ?  As posted already, now resistance become support that is  Support 468-446 Above that already mentioned   next upside target of 540-560 remains same. and afterwards this round Ultimate Upside Target 660---720

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation

DHFL (268) -   Posted on 28th Jan . "Support 205-200" as posted it took this support not one time but three times that is in JAN, FEB and MARCH months repeatedly . ** For this support, already gave the upper target on 23rd Dec. itself. click here to see that post. *** As on yesterday it made high 278.80  and now marching towards  the mentioned upside target of  340-360 

Bank of Baroda

BANKBARODA (877) - Posted on 10th April " Support 765-755, above that Ultimate Upside Target 900--925" After this post, it made lowest low 747.55 on 15th April, from there up move started and yesterday it attacked the mentioned upside target of 900--925 (made high 914 and closed at 877) *** Now what next ?  Resistance 880-890  & 920-930 In case if it break and trade above the mentioned resistances, next attack in upside 1040-1060 * And above  1040-1060 ,ready for mega up move. If it happen, will post the mega upside target. ** But if not able to move above resistance  then the down side target 800-790