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Moving Markets





GOKEX - willful operation ?

Between 110--130 heavy delivery exchanged hands.  now at 75

All in the game.


KIRLOSIND (970) - When it was broken 680 in June , it was obvious that it will reach 1010-1020. But avoided, because everyday average volume was  three digit figure only. But,today, when i saw the price , WOW !
 it is trading at 970. so any time, it going to meet the target of 1010-1020.
In this case, Trade may be missed,  but hope and confidence about the pattern study and understand the price gained one step more. 
We have lot of space and lot of opportunities. Learning continue... 

Can see its price performance in the below day chart 

AMBANI - Money Multiplier

NIFTY - stage set for fast and furious move.

Present movement in the last two months says that stage set for fast and furious move.

8500+ to 8700+  crucial 

September and October crucial 

already said : 
ALERT : After 2007 , continuous 5 months up , now only happened , from March to July 2016. Very crucial stage between 8500+ to 8700+. — Murugavel (@murugavell) July 27, 2016

A decent company / Ought to perform


Urjit Patel 24th Reserve Bank Governor

Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor Urjit Patel will be the 24th Governor of RBI and will succeed Raghuram Rajan, who will demit office on September 4.

Patel, 52, joined RBI as Deputy Governor on January 11, 2013, and was given a second term in January.

As deputy governor, Patel headed the RBI panel to draft the monetary policy report, which became the basis of the ongoing reforms at the apex bank.

The Patel committee report also formed the basis of the monetary policy committee, which takes away a lot of powers of RBI and the governor, as also move to create a public debt management agency.

Under the independent monetary policy committee, which is being set up, the government will set an inflation target to RBI and the governor will be made answerable to Parliament if he/she fails to contain inflation within target.

Prior to his appointment as the deputy governor, Patel was Advisor (Energy & Infrastructure), The Boston Consulting Group.

He is a Ph.D. (Economics) from Yale University …


This is one more Operation Drive 
With in 16 months , moved up by  18 times  (Nov 2013 to Feb 2015) 
within 18 months ,gain evaporated  and down by 86 %  (Feb 2015 to Aug. 2016)
this is 

below is the month chart 

10 years and 1 year

In the last 10 years , 
three times supported at 45+ 

In the last 1 year ,
three times resisted around 80

Once come out of this resist, 
expect a big  move. 

A mid cap

A decent mid cap company ,
 Once cross 70--73 ,
 expect significant up move in medium term.

India celebrates 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2016: Here's the history and significance of the day

India celebrates its 70th Independence Day on 15 August 2016. The country became independent from British colonialism on this day in 1947. The day is celebrated with great  fervor  across every state of the country, 

History and significanceThe history of  Indian Independence is laced   with the struggle and sacrifice of many leaders and revolutionaries of the country. The story of India's colonisation began with the arrival of the British East India Company to the country in the 1600s. The merchants who came to trade with India soon began to exercise military and administrative control and by 1757, they had huge swathes of the country under them. Resentment against the alien company and its unfair rule over the local populace began to grow and in 1857, the first organised revolt against it took place with a group of Indian soldiers rebelling against the British rank in the Barrackpore, Bengal unit. Referred to as the Great Struggle of 1857 (the British called it the Sepoy Mutiny), t…

Growth rate of 8% for 30 yrs to give India best of world: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (06th Aug.2016) said 8 per cent plus growth over the next 30 years will bring the best of the world to India, even as he lamented being questioned for every "wrong" right from the Panchayat level.

Advocating accountability at every level to ensure good governance, he said everyone responsible should be answerable and held accountable.

In a democracy, he said, people give the elected government a "five year contract" and if they do not like the performance in the next election the mandate is given to some other political party and hence there was a need for

"Our country has always believed that good governance is bad politics. After winning one election, government keeps thinking how to win the next election. They are focused on how to increase political base and ways to get more votes and hence going forward it collapses," he said.

Addressing his first townhall, Modi stressed upon the need for providing grievance redre…

GM Breweries

 ! ?